The Opposite Side of the Sea (Oren Lavie)

Today I awoke to the soothing voice of Oren Lavie. No, he was not in bed with me. I just happen to have an alarm on my television. On most days at the stroke of 7 AM, I duck under my sheets and curl up like a porcupine, wishing the timeliness of my cable box was all just a dream. But this morning I might as well have been dreaming, because I actually showed interest in an American-made car. Well, sort of.

Someone at an ad agency has discovered a cure for morning grogginess, and it is:

  • (1) Baby bouncing on a conveyor belt
  • (1) Set of keys to a Chevy Malibu
  • (1) Listen to Oren Lavie’s track, Her Morning Elegance

Or maybe it is just Oren Lavie’s track, Her Morning Elegance.

Lavie is an Israeli playwright-turned-musician, whose rich voice and acoustic melodies are no less than captivating. Often compared to artists such as Tom Waits, Rufus Wainright, and Lenoard Cohen, Lavie takes an approach to music that is subdued yet drenched in meaning.

“I am not a fashionable man. And my music is, therefore, unfashionable. I would like to think of it as wonderfully unfashionable, but, sticking to the facts, it is unfashionable. My songs don’t have an attitude which you could sell. I don’t have an attitude which I am trying to make you buy, not that I’m aware of.

If I am any good, it’s because my songs are good. A good song, to me, is a good melody which surprises you, but pleases you, and which carries a good story told in rhymes. It is a result of talent and personality and technique and a lot of work. A good song is loyal to the artist’s truth of the moment. The song will remain good even when the artist’s truth has changed.”

You won’t find much published material on Lavie, as he prefers to channel attention towards his music. The truth, however, is that his talents go beyond just singing music itself, into the realm of production and video direction.

Her Morning Elegance, just might get you out of bed, but Lavie’s self-directed music video for the song will leave you daydreaming for days to come. With his simplistic styling and air-like imagery, Lavie hands you a one-way ticket to an original fantasy land, a place where a week’s-worth of errands can transpire at the foot of your mattress.

If you have ever wondered what it is like to step out of your own life for a moment, check out Oren Lavie. He just may make your dreams come true.

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