What do a piglet dressed in a tiger suit and a nun in a boxing ring have in common?  They are both ingredients for a deliciously good story.  Sometimes we need our expectations to be subverted in order to sense that we have stumbled upon a tale worth re-telling. That is what Maurice Heesen did for me this morning, when I came across his new photoseries Loveman.

In Loveman, Heesen explores the lengths to which some men will go to find love. To my chagrin, none of those men appear to be roaming the streets of New York City — but this isn’t about me, it is about photography.

Loveman is a fictional superhero, who literally wears his heart on his sleeve. His { e l e g a n c e } and authenticity remind me of Bob Carey in the brilliant Tutu Project — which, by the way, you must check out immediately if you have not yet done so.

From hopefulness and pride, to delusion, doubt, and disillusion, Heesen’s Loveman depicts an entire spectrum of emotions that bombard a man on his quest for love. If you are like me, you’ll be disappointed to see that the first chapter of Loveman’s story is anything but a fairytale. Then again, Heesen does have a point — when it comes to matters of the heart, pursuit is only half of the battle.




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