A Fantasy Fashionista (Marguerite Sauvage)

This morning I commenced a mega-packing chore, in preparation for my summer move to Houston. As I rummaged through my closet full of worn and torn clothing, it occurred to me that I had not yet written a post about fashion. That is just silly, because personal style is the most overt way in which we live our lives as art. So I would like to introduce to you Marguerite Sauvage, a fantastic fashion illustrator based in Paris.

A self taught artist, Sauvage combines sophisticated European techniques with Japanese-inspired line work to create delicate drawings that exude a modern edge. Despite being raised in the French countryside, where she lived “among the fields, cows and cheese,” Sauvage’s sense of fashion is wildly progressive and cosmopolitan. In fact, it is her otherworldly sense of style and its depiction that has earned this illustrator endless accolades from high-end fashion clients such as Elle, Cosmopolitan and Glamour magazines.

The signature element that prevails all of Sauvage’s work is authenticity. She claims that hand drawing “not only keeps [her] work personal but also ensures that its composition retains a direct connection with the real world.” To be sure, digital imaging plays a role in each of Sauvage’s fashion-forward pieces, but she stresses that it has become an adjunct rather than a replacement for her skill with the line and pencil.

If there is one thing for which Sauvage relies almost entirely on a computer it is animation, an art form which she claims is her next challenge looming on the horizon. Although she has done some animation work for McDonalds, Paul and Joe, Swarovski and Galeries Lafayette Service, Sauvage admits that she is not as far along in the technological side of the business as she would like to be. Given the admirable beauty of her hand-drawn illustrations, I can only imagine how spectacular Sauvage’s final products will be when she becomes more adept at bringing them to life!

Note: To view more of Sauvage’s spectacular artwork, visit her website. I should forewarn, however, that not all of her pieces are PG-rated. Enjoy!

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Yolanda Muchnik is the Founder of Aliveasart. A working professional with a passion for the visual and performing arts, she's got a soft spot for all things creative. In addition to ten years of formal dance training, Yolanda has experience as a graphic artist, a management and strategy consultant, and digital marketer.

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