A Wave of Wonder on the Fashion Trail (Julia Galdo)

It has been a while since I have posted anything fashion related, but I think that this should more than make up for the time lag. I recently stumbled upon the incredible work of Julia Galdo. I haven’t been able to shut up about her since, and after reading this, you probably won’t be able to either. Galdo is a fashion photographer based in California. Her work focuses on the human form and its adaptation to odd environments. There is a distinctive, regal quality to each of Galdo’s photographs. Whether you like fashion or not, you should definitely check her out.

Interestingly enough, Galdo’s childhood dream was to become a marine biologist. Lucky for us, she ended up studying at the San Francisco Art Institute. It was there that Galdo met Cody Cloud, an MFA in photography who became her long-time friend and business partner.

Whether it is the mutual respect that Galdo and Cloud have for one another, or the sense of wonder that they jointly bring to their photo shoots, there is something inherently special about this duo, and Galdo is always the first to admit it. In a recent interview with FeatureShoot, the quirky photographer discussed the rapport between her and her partner in crime. These two sound like quite the dream team. I envy them, I have to say.

Four eyes will always be better than two. We always have a running dialog of what work we want to make and how we can make it better, which is a luxury. We’re more efficient. And by taking more photographs, we increase our chances of capturing what a pirate would call the booty…

…We both have equal rolls in our working process. In the past, we’ve tried to define our roles for up coming projects…but when shooting, those definitions usually go out the window. We both just want the project to succeed, and do what it takes to get the best results. Julia does a lot of styling and Cody tends to be more technical, each with equal opinions of the other’s role.

Despite the changing whims of the fashion world, Galdo manages to remain consistent in her vision and her artistic focus. No matter the decade nor her surrounding environment, she instinctively creates montages that are restrained yet evocative. What I like most about Galdo is her punchy sense of color and composition. She has an artistic style that is difficult to replicate, and it is precisely what is earning her notoriety.

Since Galdo’s graduation from the SFAI, she has been making splashes all over the North American fashion scene. Her portfolio, which boasts clients such as Good Vibrations, Juxtapoz, Nike, and 7×7 Magazine, is nothing to sneeze at. Sure, Galdo has been around for a while. But if you ask me, she is just getting started.

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