United Snakes Music Video (Massive Attack)

It’s been a while since I’ve updated the music related content on Aliveasart – mostly because I’ve been holding out for something truly awesome. If you are one of the unfortunate few who hasn’t heard of the British music duo, Massive Attack, please do yourself a favor and get informed right now. The band’s latest music video, United Snakes, is artistically superb – these guys just never seem to let me down!

Working alongside a talented group of producers, Massive Attack typically collaborates with guest vocalists (e.g. Portishead, Mos Def) to develop its distinctive melodies. The group’s style is harmonious yet ‘experimental.’ In fact, several of Massive Attack’s most noted singles are without lyrics.

My indisputable Massive Attack favorite remains the classic, Teadrop. That said, the newest addition to the band’s repertoire doesn’t disappoint. Congratulations to the United Visual Artists Collective for a job well done in producing and directing this outstanding video. Check it out below, and see for yourself!


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