Finding Love in New York City (Michaela Dalzell)

No one said love comes easily – especially in New York City. Photographer Michaela Dalzell learned that the hard way. She moved to New York City to get a Masters in Digital Photography at the School of Visual Arts, with hopes of eventually becoming a commercial photographer. Thankfully, Dalzell’s desire to understand the people of her new home took her in a different direction.

“I came here searching for my career. I kind of thought all New Yorkers were here, and they were just working. I didn’t think it was possible to have a family or a significant other, and I wanted to prove myself wrong.”

Dalzell did her thesis on how to find love in the city that never sleeps. Like a true New Yorker, she posted an ad on Craigslist to find the answer. The on-going exhibit, New York, I Love You, is a compilation of Dalzell’s discoveries – an eye-opening display of 10 vignettes that feature New Yorkers “falling in love” from Brooklyn all they way to the Upper West Side. In a recent interview with the New York Daily News, Dalzell expounded on the evolution of her project:

“I liked the quirky nature of it. The fact that you can be young in New York City and maybe not have traditional love, but you can really love something and have a passion about it, and that keeps you going. That’s what the project was about. It was about finding what keeps people going in such a busy city. Obviously, I wanted that to be love, and that’s what I found.”

Dalzell began her research under an impression that New Yorkers were nothing but “cold professionals and people chasing a paycheck,” but the people of the city ultimately captured a piece of her own heart. Through each progressive photograph in New York, I Love You, one can sense how Dalzell fell in love with New York City itself. Be sure to check out more pieces from this inspiring exhibit at  New York Daily News.

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Yolanda Muchnik is the Founder of Aliveasart. A working professional with a passion for the visual and performing arts, she's got a soft spot for all things creative. In addition to ten years of formal dance training, Yolanda has experience as a graphic artist, a management and strategy consultant, and digital marketer.

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