A Dynamic Duo: Art and Music

I am generally not one to obsess over much in life. But when it comes to music or any related manifestation of it, I can be a maniac.  Few things move me like music does – so it is no surprise that these three music-related art projects have got me all up in a tizzy.  Check ’em out, guys – two thumbs up!

1Music Philosophy Project

The writers at BrainPickings couldn’t have said it any better. Or, mostly, I couldn’t have said it any better. Music is the “quintessential vehicle for modern philosophy, a poetic gateway into our most deepest existential truths and sincerest beliefs.”  Coupled with an aesthetic quality it can be a vehicle for anyone’s creative indulgence. UK-based designer Mico Toledo demonstrates this point quite nicely with his Music Philosophy project. Bringing together three of my favorite things — music, thought, and typography — he creates weekly typographic renditions of classic and profound lyrics. To see more work from this neat project, head over to Toledo’s Flikr stream.


2The Johnny Cash Project

The Johnny Cash project is a global, collaborative art initiative to construct a music video for Cash’s final studio recording, “Ain’t No Grave.” An interactive website sifts through hundreds of user-submitted portraits of the icon and dynamically generates a one-of-a-kind video. Uploaded drawings are crowdsourced using an online tool similar to Amazon’s Mechanical Turk. As more people discover and contribute to this project, Cash’s living portrait will continue to evolve. If you’re a Cash fan, be sure to give it a shot!

The Johnny Cash Project is a visual testament to how the Man in Black lives on — not just through his vast musical legacy, but in the hearts and minds of all of us around the world he has touched with his talent, his passion, and his indomitable spirit.

3Nike Free Music Shoe Project

I know. I’m that wierd girl, the one who’s always dancing to imaginary songs in her head. But, you know what? I’m not the only one.  Japanese DJ Daito Manabe also likes to drum up beats from thin air — well, thin air and shoes. Have a look at this offbeat campaign for Nike’s Free Run+ running shoes. The music video is pretty impressive.

About the author

Yolanda Muchnik is the Founder of Aliveasart. A working professional with a passion for the visual and performing arts, she's got a soft spot for all things creative. In addition to ten years of formal dance training, Yolanda has experience as a graphic artist, a management and strategy consultant, and digital marketer.

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