Last week, New York City had its first winter snowfall, and with it came to me a flurry of reflections. I started to think a lot about the passage of time – how each year seems to move at a progressively faster pace. As a child, I remember feeling that […]

Everyone knows that we love love love street art at Aliveasart. Whether it’s painted graffiti, stills in animation, or wacky window installations, street art makes us happy, and we know it makes you happy, too. Today we are putting a spin on our traditional definition of this genre, and paying homage […]

If you saw our post on TrustArt a few weeks ago, then you have probably figured out that we are big fans of socially conscious projects here at Aliveasart. Starting an impactful, art-based social movement like TrustArt takes a little creativity and a lot of risk and patience. Luckily we […]

What gets me excited about experimental typography is the fact that almost anyone can relate to it. Although languages are not, words themselves are universal. We can all interpret them and appreciate when they are presented to us in a creative manner. I have been meaning to write a post […]