Maybe it’s the summer heat, but it seems I’ve been craving “different” these days.  Whether it’s befriending sock puppet photographers or breaking into dance in line at grocery stores –  something’s drawing me towards the unconventional, and it has certainly influenced my taste in music videos. Step into my world […]

Big words for a vandal.  That’s what I think, at least.  Urban prankster Peter Gibson, also known as “Roadsworth,” takes the relationship between philosophy and art to a whole new level.  Often coined as Canada’s answer to Banksy, this established activist has been causing visually appealing mischief since 2001. Initially […]

A few weeks ago I discovered this surreal 10th anniversary music video for independent French label Record Makers.  I found the piece oddly inspiring – let’s just say it got my wheels spinning in all kinds of ways. One of my favorite aspects of the video was the theme of transformation from the inside out.  It’s […]

No one said love comes easily – especially in New York City. Photographer Michaela Dalzell learned that the hard way. She moved to New York City to get a Masters in Digital Photography at the School of Visual Arts, with hopes of eventually becoming a commercial photographer. Thankfully, Dalzell’s desire […]

It’s been a while since I’ve updated the music related content on Aliveasart – mostly because I’ve been holding out for something truly awesome. If you are one of the unfortunate few who hasn’t heard of the British music duo, Massive Attack, please do yourself a favor and get informed […]