If you saw our post on TrustArt a few weeks ago, then you have probably figured out that we are big fans of socially conscious projects here at Aliveasart. Starting an impactful, art-based social movement like TrustArt takes a little creativity and a lot of risk and patience. Luckily we […]

Have you ever seen anything more freaky than an enormous sculpture made from millions of pigeon feathers? I haven’t. Can you imagine anything more mind numbing than the act of assembling that sculpture? I can’t. Lucky for us, Kate MccGwire has a lot of patience and a great imagination. Her […]

If you’ve ever wanted proof that life is art, just listen to the methodical beats of Aesop Rock. Born Ian Matthias Bavitz in Northport, New York, this musician has set off a new wave of the alternative hip-hop movement that first emerged in the late 1990s. Little known to many of […]