Two and a half years ago, on the rooftop of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, I met Emily Currin. Like a scene straight out of Meet the Fockers, the stars seemed terribly misaligned upon our first interaction. To break the ice, I told Emily a lengthy and questionable story about […]

A few weeks ago I discovered this surreal 10th anniversary music video for independent French label Record Makers.  I found the piece oddly inspiring – let’s just say it got my wheels spinning in all kinds of ways. One of my favorite aspects of the video was the theme of transformation from the inside out.  It’s […]

No one said love comes easily – especially in New York City. Photographer Michaela Dalzell learned that the hard way. She moved to New York City to get a Masters in Digital Photography at the School of Visual Arts, with hopes of eventually becoming a commercial photographer. Thankfully, Dalzell’s desire […]

It has been a while since an artist has left me speechless, but Nicolas Evariste has done just that. Based in Normandy, France, this 23-year-old has mastered the art of animal imagery like no other photographer I have seen thus far. I discovered Evariste this morning, and haven’t been able to close […]

Everyone knows that we love love love street art at Aliveasart. Whether it’s painted graffiti, stills in animation, or wacky window installations, street art makes us happy, and we know it makes you happy, too. Today we are putting a spin on our traditional definition of this genre, and paying homage […]