Details on each of our collections are below. As we discover new ways to look deeper into our surroundings, our photography will evolve as well. For updates on our portfolio and upcoming projects, connect with us via Facebook or Twitter @aliveasart.

For those who like to bend the rules, this collection focuses on urban graffiti. From the perspective of its creators, graffiti is a means for communicating messages that are often deemed controversial. From our perspective, it is a decorative element to an otherwise unassuming environment. View graffiti through our lens – look deeper at Aerosol.
For those who like a little structure, this collection focuses on architecture. Buildings are usually admired for their intrinsic beauty – their style, their height, their composition. From our perspective, they are equally as impressive due to their visual impact on their surroundings. View architecture through our lens – look deeper into Facade.
For those who like to run wild, this collection focuses on nature. Perhaps the most self-explanatory of our pieces, these photographs demonstrate the beautiful scenes made possible by earth, water, wind, and fire. View nature through our lens – look deeper into Elements.
For those who don’t like to be left hanging, this collection focuses on gravity and resitance.  Though they make a mark in our daily lives, these scientific principles are rarely celebrated for their artistic rendering. View gravity and resistance through our lens – look deeper into Suspension.