Ballerina Project

If you want to know where twelve years of dance and art got me, it is a strong endorsement for Dane Shitagi’s Ballerina Project. To say I appreciate Shitagi’s dance photography focus would be an understatement. It is as if he spoke to me in a dream the day I moved to New York City.

Who is Dane Shitagi?

Dane Shitagi is a Hawaiian, New York City-based photographer. His Ballerina Project is a nexus for fashion designers, dancers, architects, and graffiti artists. Each piece is crafted carefully in collaboration with industry professionals, and that is evident in all of his end products.

Where can I see more of Shitagi’s work?

More than 10 years in the making, Shitagi’s portfolio is a lot to take in one sitting. I recommend following the Ballerina Project’s Fan Page on Facebook, where you can get a daily dose of wonderment at your leisure.

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