Beyond Beauty: Kate MccGwire Feather Sculptures

Have you ever seen anything more freaky than an enormous sculpture of pigeon feathers? Can you imagine anything more mind numbing than the act of assembling that sculpture? I can’t. Lucky for us, Kate MccGwire has a lot of patience and a great imagination.

Who is Kate MccGwire?

Kate MccGwire is an internationally renowned sculptor – and one of my favorite artists. That’s because she has real gift for transforming unsightly objects into indisputable sights of wonder. Several years ago MccWire noticed and started collecting molten pigeon feathers (yuck!) in a shed next to her studio. It didn’t take her long to recognize the “beauty” in those feathers. The result – intricate rolling sculptures, engulfing rooms, galleries, and abandoned spaces.

Much of Kate’s work evokes Freud’s “unheimliche”, the uncanny or unhomely. In an interview with Artnews, she explains her intent: “I want to seduce by what I do—but revolt in equal measure. It’s really important to me that you’ve got that rejection of things you think you know for sure.”

Where can I see more of Kate MccWire’s work?

If you want to learn more about MccGwire and her work, head over to her website. She’s also got an incredible profile on Artsy, where you can view pieces for sale, stay informed about upcoming exhibits, and discover other artists like her.

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