8 Coffee Table Books for Every Personality Type

If you’re like me, you love giving a good gift but find the process of selecting one daunting. When birthdays or holidays come around, it’s easy to spring for the latest gadget on the market. However, I always opt for something more personal and enduring – like a coffee table book. What I love about coffee table books is that they are simultaneously forms of self expression and understanding. By owning one, you put your personality on display for guests. […]

Drone Photography: Soaring to New Heights

Want to learn how to fly? Sure would be fun, wouldn’t it? Drone photography isn’t quite the same thrill, but it comes close. Kind of. What is drone photography? Drone photography is the capturing of still images or video by an autonomous unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). For examples, head over to Dronestagram, a social network for drone photographers and videographers to showcase their work, share tips, and collaborate. What makes this community really special is the highly sought after benefit it […]

6 Steps to Your First Light Painting

Light painting is a photography technique that involves light source manipulation and time lapse settings. It is typically done by professional photographers, at night on streets or inside darkrooms. But amateurs can do it, too! Here’s how in 6 quick steps. How to Create a Light Painting Set your camera on a tripod. Set your exposure to a long value, and stop down the aperture as much as you need. If you are inside, turn off the lights. Click! Once […]

Beyond Beauty: Kate MccGwire Feather Sculptures

Have you ever seen anything more freaky than an enormous sculpture of pigeon feathers? Can you imagine anything more mind numbing than the act of assembling that sculpture? I can’t. Lucky for us, Kate MccGwire has a lot of patience and a great imagination. Who is Kate MccGwire? Kate MccGwire is an internationally renowned sculptor – and one of my favorite artists. That’s because she has real gift for transforming unsightly objects into indisputable sights of wonder. Several years ago […]

Illustration Mundo: Nate Williams

It is with great pleasure that I introduce to you Nate Williams, illustrator, travel enthusiast, and all-around interesting person. Originally from the western United States and now based in Buenos Aires, Williams creates pieces that are original and instantly recognizable. What is Nate’s story? In the early 2000’s, after building a career in the web industry, Williams decided he needed a change – a drastic one. So he packed his bags and moved to South America. He has remained there ever since. Bold […]

Dark Zoo: Nicholas Evariste

It’s been a while since an artist has left me speechless, but Nicolas Evariste has done just that.  Known for his black and white, square format photographs, he masters animal imagery like no other artist I have seen. Check out these pieces from one of his best collections, Dark Zoo. They are, quite literally, out of this world.

Ballerina Project

If you want to know where twelve years of dance and art got me, it is a strong endorsement for Dane Shitagi’s Ballerina Project. To say I appreciate Shitagi’s dance photography focus would be an understatement. It is as if he spoke to me in a dream the day I moved to New York City. Who is Dane Shitagi? Dane Shitagi is a Hawaiian, New York City-based photographer. His Ballerina Project is a nexus for fashion designers, dancers, architects, and […]

Underground Public Library

People’s tastes in clothing, music, books, and company are rarely random. They are deliberate choices that form our first impressions, sending signals about who people are or want to become. That is why I love The Underground New York Public Library, an urban photography project by Ourit Ben-Haim. What is the Underground New York Public Library? On a simple Tumblr, Ourit Ben-Haim creates a visual library featuring the bookworm riders of NYC subways. She doesn’t interview her subjects, and her pieces rarely […]

Nerdy Dirty

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and I found the perfect nerd art card for my physician-scientist husband. These minimalistic prints by Nicole Martinez are a refreshing combination of innocence and innuendo. Do you have a special nerd in your own life? Visit Nicole’s shop at Society6. Maybe you’ll find a gem there to surprise them, too.  

Nimbus: Smoke Art Clouds by Berndnaut Smilde

Berndnaut Smilde can turn a clear sky cloudy — and he can do it all indoors.  With the help of a smoke machine, a touch of moisture, and a healthy dose of dramatic lighting, he transforms chapels and contemporary galleries into meteorological wonders. Smilde makes and photographs smoke art clouds. Yes, that is a thing. Playing on a theme of temporality, Smilde captures his clouds’ tenuous existence on film just instants before they collapse. It looks like you can dive […]

An Original Candyland: Mini Food Art by Javelle & Ida

Imagine your job was to play with food and toys. Pierre Javelle and Akiko Ida make a living doing that. In 2002, the husband-wife team invented Minimiam, a micro universe where figurines perform ordinary activities in sweet and savory landscapes. Since then, their food art concept has given way to an amusing series of diptychs. Through Minimiam, Javelle and Ida combine multiple genres of photography, including culinary, portraiture and landscape. In each diptych, their first panel introduces figurines in a close-up setting while the […]

Mind and Body Art: Emma Hack Skin Painting

Australian Emma Hack literally lives her life as art. The acclaimed skin artist launched her career over twenty years ago as a hairstylist and children’s makeup artist. Today, her creative portfolio spans several genres, including sculpture, photography, and even editorial design. Hack’s incredible instinct has resulted in a style that is instantly recognizable and highly sought after. Amongst her array of clients are Toyota, Tiffany & Co, MAC, Sony Playstation, and Cirque du Soliel, companies as diverse in their missions […]

To Draw Sheep: Adult Lessons from The Little Prince

“Draw me a sheep.” It’s the best pickup line ever. You won’t be surprised it was created by a smooth-talking French man. I’m serious. This weekend I re-read The Little Prince, which I plowed through for the first time as a ten-year-old. Though ostensibly for children, with its large type and delicate watercolor illustrations, this book is profoundly philosophical as it brings to light our bizarre adult world. The storyline is set into motion when a former artist crashes his plane into […]

A Pig’s Land of Poetry: Aesop Rock Alternative Hip Hop

If you’ve ever wanted proof that life is art, just listen to Aesop Rock. Born Ian Matthias Bavitz in Northport, New York, this musician has set off a new wave of the alternative hip hop movement that first emerged in the late 1990s. Who is Aesop Rock? Little known to his followers, Aesop Rock’s style stems from a background in classical visual art. A painting graduate of Boston University, Bavitz spent his formative years maneuvering an inner-conflict between instinct and establishment. […]

Her Morning Elegance: Oren Lavie

Today I awoke to the soothing voice of Oren Lavie. No, he was not in bed with me – I just couldn’t stop listening to this old song of his. You’ve probably never heard of it, and that’s OK with Lavie. Often compared to Tom Waits, Rufus Wainright, and Lenoard Cohen, Lavie takes an approach to music that is subdued yet drenched in meaning. I am not a fashionable man. And my music is, therefore, unfashionable. My songs don’t have an […]

Minologue Animals: Stop Motion Film and Music Video

This stop motion film will put a smile on your face, guaranteed. It was created for the experimental music group Minologue. Kristofer Ström, also known as Ljudbilden, is the mastermind behind the piece. He is also a musician himself and an occasional illustrator.

This is Where We Live: A Short Film for Bibliophiles

Fifthestate is a collective blog where writers can go to post opinions and debate. For its 25th anniversary, the collective commissioned Apt and Asylum Films to produce this spectacular short film. If you are even a 10th as much of a bibliophile as I am, you will just love the book village backdrop!

Autumn Story: Music Video and Chalkboard Animation

This is a fantastic short film that features chalkboard animation. It took six long months to create, and from what I have seen it is a truly original concept. The images were drawn onto chalkboards frame by frame, then shot with a stills camera and edited together in FCP. In case you are wondering the name of the beautiful song in the background, it is ‘Autumn Story’ by the Firekites.

Just Like: A Mixed Media Music Video You Won’t Forget

Check out this striking mixed media silhouette piece produced for Hungarian music group Beat Dis. It is one of the memorable music videos I have seen in a while. The animation is done by 24-year-old Emil Goodman. He is pretty fantastic, right? If you love the concept and execution of this film as much as I do and want to see more goodies like it, head over to Emil’s YouTube page.

Rusty Nails: An Abstract Music Video for Moderat

Moderat, an electronic music project based in Berlin, is the brainchild of artists Sascha Ring, Gernot Bronsert, and Sebastian Szary. I’ll be honest – prior to discovering this abstract music video, I had no clue who either one of those guys was. Rusty Nails has put Moderat on the map for me.  If you’re like me, it will send you into a trance and get you ready night of restful sleep.

Kraak and Smaak – Squeeze Me: A Music Video About the Details

Heineken, Van Gogh, Kraak & Smaak. The three most famous things to come out of Holland. Ever. That’s what this band thinks, at least.  And who am I to pretend to know any better? This creative music video must have taken ages to complete. Upbeat and amusing – worth a listen.

Urban Sketchers Network: The Ultimate Community for Doodlers

The Urban Sketchers Network is a community of artists who draw the cities where they live and travel. It was launched as a Flickr group in 2007 by journalist and illustrator Gabi Campanario. Over time, Campanario and the sketchers developed a blog to display their work to a wider audience.

What I love about this project is the philosophy it shares with Aliveasart. By drawing and transforming public spaces we pass on a daily basis, each urban sketcher proves how virtually anything in life can be art.

Reverse Graffiti Project: Art with a Touch of Irony

I want to help get the word out about the Reverse Graffiti Project, a “clean art” concept by Paul Curtis. Curtis first discovered he could make art out of irony during a stint working in a kitchen. Upon noticing the contrast between clean and dirty surfaces, he began transforming eyesores into structures of beauty…by cleaning them. Curtis’s work is not only interesting to look at, but it is also part of an eco-friendly movement. Clorox recently teamed up with him to […]

Step Into Cindy Gallup’s Black Lacquered Palace

I worked part-time during business school at the New York-based digital and social media consultancy L2 ThinkTank. Watching the company navigate a critical phase of growth was nothing short of rewarding. But let’s be honest – I was in it for the perks. I remember when L2 held its first-ever Generation Next Forum. Despite the fact the event required a 5 AM wake-up time on my part, I did not have to hit snooze once. With guest speakers like fashion blogger Tavi […]

Blindsided: The Unexpected Power of Agnes Cecile’s Drip Painting

Several years ago, the most stoic person I know told me that the only piece of artwork that has ever touched him emotionally is this one.  I was, frankly, incredulous.  Squealing puppies, airport terminal reunions, and tender moments between elderly couples could never got a rise out of him. Somehow, one a Jackson Pollock monochromatic drip painting did. Go figure. The truth is I never understood what made Pollock a great American artist. To me, his wet-string-like paintings always rendered […]

Love Man: Humorous Photography by Maurice Heesen

What do a piglet dressed in a tiger suit and a nun in a boxing ring have in common?  They are both components of a hilarious story – one Maurice Heesen told me when I saw his humorous photography in Loveman. Loveman is a fictional superhero, who literally wears his heart on his sleeve. His elegance and authenticity remind me of Bob Carey in the brilliant Tutu Project. You must check out immediately if you have not already done so. From hopefulness, […]

Big Questions from Little People

I used to think that the older we get, the more complex our lives had to become. However, Gemma Harris has shown me that is one big misconception. In Big Questions from Little People and Simple Answers from Great Minds, Harris shows how basic questions asked by children are profoundly philosophical. She asks thousands of kids to pose their most restless queries, and challenges accomplished subject matter experts to offer their responses. What Kinds of Questions? Why is the sky blue? […]