Drone Photography: Soaring to New Heights

Want to learn how to fly? Sure would be fun, wouldn’t it? Drone photography isn’t quite the same thrill, but it comes close. Kind of.

What is drone photography?

Drone photography is the capturing of still images or video by an autonomous unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). For examples, head over to Dronestagram, a social network for drone photographers and videographers to showcase their work, share tips, and collaborate. What makes this community really special is the highly sought after benefit it grants visitors: access. Drone photographs open doors to parts of the world otherwise impossible to see. Not even birds get some of these views!

As long as entry costs (drone prices) continue to fall, social networks like Dronestegram continue to inspire, and more regulations on drone use continue to surface, I expect only more elevated levels of creativity to come from drone photographers, even just hobbyists.

Getting started with drone photography

Still want to learn how to fly? It’s possible and not too hard to get started. Here is a list of the best camera drones curated by my dear friends at UAV Coach. You can also find beginner’s guides to drone operation and more in-depth training on their site.

More drone photography eye candy

Overview and Above the World are fantastic pieces to add to your library or to showcase on your coffee table. Be prepared to get the travel bug once you see them, though.

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