Illustration Mundo: Nate Williams

It is with great pleasure that I introduce to you Nate Williams, illustrator, travel enthusiast, and all-around interesting person. Originally from the western United States and now based in Buenos Aires, Williams creates pieces that are original and instantly recognizable.

What is Nate’s story?

In the early 2000’s, after building a career in the web industry, Williams decided he needed a change – a drastic one. So he packed his bags and moved to South America. He has remained there ever since. Bold move!

My life was out of balance. I was working a ton and supposed to be happy from this ‘success’; however, I felt like crap. Why does success feel so crappy? Maybe, because its not success. I took inventory and thought about what made me happy. It was very simple things like throwing a stick to my dog, having the free time to wander around the city and notice things, spending time with family and friends, etc. So I asked myself, ‘why am I investing so much time in the things that don’t mean that much to me when the things I enjoy are free and easily attainable?’ People thought I was crazy cause I was giving up all these material things, but really they were just anchors and prevented me from living more freely.

Williams’s work has been published, exhibited and reviewed in over twenty countries. His list of corporate clients is equally diverse, including companies such as Converse Shoes, Cartoon Network, New York Times, Microsoft, and Pearl Jam.

Where can I see more of Nate’s work?

I consider each of Williams’s pieces an invitation into another world, one that’s a pretty fun to visit! You can find his playful prints on shoes, CD jackets, billboards, and magazine covers. If you are interested in owning some of his work, check out these great children’s books.

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