Step Into Cindy Gallup’s Black Lacquered Palace

I worked part-time during business school at the New York-based digital and social media consultancy L2 ThinkTank. Watching the company navigate a critical phase of growth was nothing short of rewarding. But let’s be honest – I was in it for the perks.

I remember when L2 held its first-ever Generation Next Forum. Despite the fact the event required a 5 AM wake-up time on my part, I did not have to hit snooze once. With guest speakers like fashion blogger Tavi Gevinson and Matthew Bishop of the Economist, who wouldn’t have jump (out of bed) at the opportunity to help run the show?

Without question, my favorite module of the day was by international woman of mystery Cindy Gallop. It turns out I share a lot more with her than a feisty demeanor and a sarcastic sense of humor. Cindy is an art lover, too. Check out her sweet New York City pad, designed by The Apartment Creative Agency.

The inspiration for this black-lacquered home was a simple directive: “At night, I want to feel like I’m in a Shanghai nightclub.” Among the apartment’s many (many) quirks are no structured walls – just a network of curtains that can make rooms on-the-fly – and 300 pairs of heels, displayed like art, in light boxes along the width of the entire space.

My words alone will not do Gallop’s home justice. You just have to see it for yourself.

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