An Original Candyland: Mini Food Art by Javelle & Ida

Imagine your job was to play with food and toys. Pierre Javelle and Akiko Ida make a living doing that. In 2002, the husband-wife team invented Minimiam, a micro universe where figurines perform ordinary activities in sweet and savory landscapes. Since then, their food art concept has given way to an amusing series of diptychs.

Through Minimiam, Javelle and Ida combine multiple genres of photography, including culinary, portraiture and landscape. In each diptych, their first panel introduces figurines in a close-up setting while the second reveals a playful scene in totality.

Whether you prefer a burly man lifting a pea-encrusted barbel or a biker trekking up the terrain of a scone, one glance at these light-hearted images will transport you to the simpler times of childhood.

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