Bio – Yolanda Muchnik

Yolanda Muchnik

Creator. Transformer. Advisor.

Born in South Africa and raised in Texas, Yolanda Muchnik has a passion for creative expression that transcends cultural boundaries.

As the daughter of an architectural engineer and the niece of a rhythmic gymnast, Yolanda became involved in the visual and performing arts at a very young age. However, it is the necessary blending of creativity and deep analytics that ultimately drove Yolanda to pursue a career in Marketing.

Over 13 years of experience at large corporations (American Express), tech companies (Intuit), PaaS startups (Quick Base), consulting firms (Oliver Wyman), business intelligence firms (L2 | Gartner), and ad agencies (Fogarty & Klein), Yolanda has held roles in or led teams focused on creating or improving experiences at nearly every stage of the customer lifecycle.

Yolanda holds an M.B.A. in Strategy and Marketing from the NYU Stern School of Business and a B.A. in Economics and Political Science from the University of Virginia. She currently lives in Boston with her husband, Div.

World explorer and ESTJ-A Myers-Briggs personality type.


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